Wednesday, 2 May 2012

There are ways to campaign positively...

... and then there are other ways.  

Watching the London Mayoral personality contest I have to say Brian Paddock has made me proud to be a Lib Dem.  When put in the same room as the other candidates he always speaks well and with proper answers that have substance.  The media want to get back into their comfort zone of red versus blue (and unfortunately I suspect they will get this - especially given the voting system), but that doesn't mean that Brian hasn't been the best candidate.  Talking of the media, I've only heard Jenny Jones (Green Party) once in this election process, I was pretty impressed but it wasn't for long enough to get an accurate picture of her in my mind.  It's a shame that only Ken and Boris are getting the headlines (mainly for their own personal issues (tax/rants/"gaffes" etc) rather than their policies) and normal candidates aren't getting a look in.  (Lembit for all of his faults might have given us more press coverage).

On the other hand UKIP's campaign hasn't been the best... I don't normally waste space in my blog to write about them (to me in general they are actually a positive thing as every UKIP poster I see in my area is one less Tory vote) but they have been nagging away the last few weeks so here they are.  

Firstly, they don't seem to be taking the election seriously.  The candidate is running on a platform that includes reducing VAT on alcoholic drinks, allowing smoking rooms in pubs and charging 'foreigners' 25p to fix Big Ben's clock tower (St Stephen's Tower) - which he openly admits they can't do.

Then, today, their campaign really caught fire:  

Now I know that UKIP have been accused of being a homophobic party and Brian is openly gay, but I'm not going to assume that this is why this was tweeted by their own press office - if that is the case then it is an act beyond words.  Irrespective of that it is disrespectful to your opponent, it is an act to try and fuel hatred, perhaps they realise that their policies are not going to get them in so they need hatred?

Anyway I don't want to write more about them so good luck to Brian tomorrow and to all the other Lib Dems fighting for election.  I'll have my fingers crossed for you all.

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