Monday, 14 May 2012

A Labour MP talking sense...

If there's one thing I hate about politics it's political opportunism.  When a person campaigns, sets it out as their policy or just has it as a known opinion but then votes against it or makes a speech with the opposite message when the time comes just because it could be to their political advantage.  I was pleased to see on the Guardian's letter page yesterday a comment from a Labour MP:

"The idea that Labour MPs should connive with Tory opponents of House of Lords reform to block the bill is absurd (Report, 10 May). Labour has campaigned for reform for over 100 years and we should now seize the day to make it a reality. If instead Labour is tempted by short-termism to "give Clegg another bloody nose" it would represent the triumph of petty politics over radical principle."
Malcolm Wicks MP
Labour, Croydon North

This is an excellent sentiment - voting as to your opinion, much better than opposing everything for the sake of it.  I hope Ed Miliband listens, our political system is too important to just be voting to try and make your opponent look bad and 'create a buzz'.  What we need is a constructive opposition rather than one who take any chance they get to be destructive.

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