Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lib Dem drugs policy motion...

Yet more sensible voices on drugs policy.  This time the Guardian reports 

"The UK Drugs Policy Commission  ... says it backs the broad thrust of the Lib Dem motion to be debated on Sunday."

The motion itself basically calls for:

  • The removal of criminal penalties for possession
  • A regulated market for cannabis
  • Expanded heroin maintenance clinics. 

On a couple of occasions it makes reference to the brave Portuguese model that I have written about previously.  At the end of the day surely it just comes down to something similar to what I wrote in my last blog  (about the judicial system), is the aim to minimise use, minimise harm and minimise cost (to both the user, society and the Government)?  If so then it would seem that the current policy is not working and we should try something else.  However all to often it appears that the policy is set out to just penalise people and punish them for wanting to live in a different way than the tabloid media and the establishment think is right.

This is one of the major reasons I know the Liberal Democrats are the right party for me - summed up by Ewan Hoyle (of Liberal Democrats for Drug Policy Reform):

"Hoyle said he hoped the party would take pride that its internal democracy allowed the membership to select the motion for debate without being vetoed by concerns about "reactionary tabloid hysteria"

I am proud that the party I am a member of can have a grown up, reasoned, evidence based debate on this.  It is also pleasing that such knowledgeable people as the members of the UK Drugs Policy Commission also broadly support it.

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