Thursday, 22 September 2011

Conference Speeches Pt. 6 Michael Moore

I don't tend to comment on Scottish politics as I am not the most informed, I feel like I am not qualified to respond.  I feel like I should take more of an interest however.

The Secretary of State for Scotland is of course Michael Moore.  His whole speech can be watched until Wednesday 28th here, or read here.  I have managed to find some extract from YouTube, basically his attacks on the SNP:

As I've stated, I'm not the most avid follower of Scottish politics so this was my first experience of a Michael Moore speech (well at least this Michael Moore - it was good to see a lack of conspiracy theories!)

I wasn't particularly impressed with the start, the whole England vs Scotland thing seemed a bit staged and well, just not cricket really.  I shall be watching that game, I shall be wanting a result that takes both sides through, however I don't feel he should be bringing up any sort of North/South divide in that area.

He sounded a lot better when talking about the referendum: 

"And in that debate we - this party, this government - will join with others to make the strong and positive case for Scotland's place in the United Kingdom.
Using hard facts, not hysterical language, to argue for a strong Scotland in a modern UK."

He doesn't strike me as the person who can bring the passion he talks about, however he does sound like the perfect person to be stating facts, that air of confidence where you think that they just know what they are talking about.

It's good that he praised Willie Rennie, everything I've heard about him so far, and the little bits I've seen have been impressive.

The words he was saying were really good, the speech read well, but I don't think it was delivered particularly well.  When he was speaking it's not that you weren't believing the words, but it seemed like it didn't really matter if you were listening or not.  Maybe it would have been better if he wasn't looking down so often - the best speakers know what they are saying, their notes are there just as a reminder.  At the same time his voice seemed far too monophonic, in which case no matter what you are saying your audience won't be captivated.

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