Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Liberal Democrats to form a minority administration...

As I mentioned in my blog regarding the recent council elections, my area bucked the national trend.  It was therefore pleasing to read today that Labour have agreed to back a minority Liberal Democrat administration.  

I don't think I'm being to partisan by saying that this was the correct choice.  There is a fair amount of policy agreement between the two parties at local level having seen the Conservatives do (what I believe to be) a poor job for so long and from my experience talking to people they did want a change.  This should result in some pet projects being scrapped hopefully resulting in better value for money for the local residents - as well as nationally with respect to the BRT.

The BRT is something I will be more than happy to see scrapped - the old phrase is "not in my back yard", this would have literally been through my back yard.  I can be a bit more objective as I don't intend on still being in the property by the time the compulsory purchase comes through admittedly it has made me a bit bias.  The system itself would have been a transport system aimed at cutting congestion, however experts have said that the effect would be minimal if anything.   There are two good youtube videos that illustrate this, firstly:

The second isn't done at the best time of day but they do help to highlight why little time will be saved.  

With Labour's help these projects will be well and truely shelved and hopefully the new council will be able to actually do something towards improving the city.

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