Tuesday, 3 May 2011

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind...

With the death of Osama Bin Laden I am reminded of a post I made back in November 2006 when America sentenced one of it's other high profile targets to death:

So Saddam has been found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging.  So I have to ask, is this "justice"?  Will it help all those Kurds who lost loved ones at his hands?  Can it really be justice if it ends in a man losing his life?  By sentencing him to death does that not make the judge as bad as him, chosing who lives and who dies?  Why should man be allowed to play God?  I am a very firm believer that every man, no matter what they have done has the right to live.  I know that it is impossible to deny his guilt but death is so final, there is no going back.  In the more general sense what if a mistake is made?  There is no going back, new evidence proving innocence etc, you can't just say oh sorry, you're free to live again! 

Saddam, will die, become a martyr to many people and his suffering will end, his legend living on.  Surely a more fitting punishment would have been for him to rot away in a cell, becoming a shadow of the man he once was.  Iraq is a mess, the Americans went in all guns blazing and failed to find the promised WMDs, now their precious oil is as unstable as ever due to the ever increasing unrest!  I hope the death of Saddam makes George Bush happy and helps him sleep at night, since it came at the cost of countless deaths of American and British troops along with all of the innocent Iraqi civilians! 

I remain 100% against the execution of Saddam - or anyone, irrespective of their crimes, however at least he had a trial.  He was able to face his accusers and hear the charges put against him, he could have also offered a defence.  In the West we spend our time preaching to others about human rights and bragging about our justice systems, but a system where an enemy can just be killed and the death celebrated doesn't sound like justice to me.  Obviously I was not there, I doubt we will have any accurate idea of the events that resulted in his death - whether it could have been avoided or if it was the only way the operatives could guarantee their own safety, however it comes across as America just issuing summary justice/signing an execution order without trial.  

Overall, people may now think the world is a better place - I also wont be mourning his death - however I also refuse to celebrate the death of any single person.  I think life is sacred, whatever your beliefs nobody can convince me that they are 100% certain on what may happen after death and as such nobody should force that on anyone before their time and at the end of the day, like Ghandi said, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

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