Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Change of luck for the Irish?

Some good news for the Irish cricket team...

I blogged two weeks ago about the fact that the next Cricket World Cup was due to be made up of just the 10 member nations with no qualifying competition.  This would lead to the ludicrous prospect of the team ranked 10th in the world, who have beaten at least one team ranked above them at each of the last 2 world cups, not even being considered for a 10 team competition, where as the team ranked 11th gets in automatically.  

It seams the ICC has come to it's senses and is looking again at the proposalsAn ICC statement read: 

"After receiving representations from the associate and affiliate members of the ICC, the ICC President Mr Sharad Pawar has decided to request the ICC Executive Board to revisit the issue in Hong Kong in June."

With any luck this will at least lead to a qualifying competition if not an expanded tournament (12 would be fine in my opinion).

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