Monday, 24 January 2011

Two yellows make a red...

In the world of sport there was one talking point from the weekend, why someone is still in a job.  If you'd asked me on Friday who that sentence might relate to I would have assumed Avram Grant or Gerard Houllier, but no, this is quite clearly Andy Gray and Richard Keys.

Prior to the start of the match between Wolves and Liverpool they were caught off air discussing the appointment of a female assistant referee for the match.  It's worth a listen, illuminating.  I genuinely am amazed that Sky haven't fired them on the spot.  Those outdated opinions just show the prevailing attitude in the sport which needs to change. 

There was some good news about this story though, there was a "big one" and Sian Massey got it 100% spot on, despite having only a split second to make her judgement and assess everything she got it right.  I've seen occassions where despite all of their expensive equipment Andy Gray has got it wrong.  Hopefully Sian proving she can do the job as well as any male will help to break down the barriers that appear to be in place.  

There other comments relate to Karren Brady.  Now I wouldn't be overly keen with her and the Davids running Hartlepool United, but that is solely because I feel they comment too much on footballing matters rather than leaving this to the manager.  Karren however always speaks elloquently and the comments Richard Keys was commenting on were relating to her victimisation due to her sex which cannot be right.  This just shows how far behind the times some people are, their behavior has no place in sport or other walks of life.

I hope Sky come to their senses and find more suitable people as ITV had to do following Ron Atkinsons racist comments and Sky themselves managed to do after Rodney Marsh's Tsunami joke. Their comments may not have been live on air but the publicity has been just as big.  

Though maybe you think I am blowing this all out of proportion?  I mean most of the women I know can't explain the offside rule.  The problem is they made it personal against people who clearly can and then belittled anothers opinions.  There was at least two yellow cards in there and as we all know, two yellows most definitely make a red.

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