Friday, 21 January 2011


Drug policy around the world and particularly here always has me annoyed at the complete lack of decent policy and how governments bow to tabloid pressure.  I was hoping that with Liberal Democrats sat around the cabinet table we would move closer to a situation where evidence and not sensationalist headlines are what policy makers use to form their policy.  As far as I am aware the current Lib Dem policy includes "The Liberal Democrats will place policy making in the drugs field on a much firmer evidence-based footing".  (I don't have too much time and this was the best link I could find for the detail.  

It saddens me therefore that Dr Hans-Christian Raabe has been added to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.  For those who are unaware of his history read Mark Easton's blog which includes a brief overview which points to why I am disappointed.  I am afraid that the Tories are keen to push their moral compass on us all (that it is immoral to enjoy ones self unless it is done in the same manor we choose, being intoxicated other than alcohol is bad for you spiritually, etc).  I can see them filling the ACMD with people who will only give negative opinions/suggest tighter restrictions just so they can follow their "advice", they will then be able to show that they followed expert advice where as Labour did not.  It is just a shame that Labours advice was based on scientific research and general considered argument where as I cannot imagine Dr Raabe's will be anything other than blind faith in what he feels is right or wrong.  I fear today will be a backward step towards a more liberal society.

I really hope before I die we have turned into a society where drugs are taken away from the criminals and brought into the open, so those who are struggling can get the help they need.  Where children are given proper education on the potential harms (along with proper sex education) of drugs and how their misuse can effect people in later life.  A society where adults are not treated like children but are left to make their own informed decisions about how they want to live their lives, without the government trying to micromanage them under health or moral grounds.  I feel that this dream is slipping further away even as I type. 

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