Sunday, 30 September 2012

This advert really annoys me...

I'm sorry but as an England (and Team GB) manager I don't feel that Stuart Pearce should be intentionally causing pain to someone else.  Imagine what would happen on the football pitch?  As a manager I'm sure there are many times he disagrees with refereeing decisions there are probably plenty of footballs around there, would he kick one at the official?  Of course he wouldn't - well if he did there'd be huge repercussions   for him.  

It's not even supposed to be slapstick comedy, it's set up as genuine hatred that he's showing.  It sends the message that if somebody annoys you (and bear in mind the guy isn't even singing to Stuart) then it is acceptable to be violent towards them.  Following the Olympics there has been a lot of talk about sportsmen and women being positive role models and in this case I think he is far from that.

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