Thursday, 5 January 2012

Diane Abbott does it again...

Last year I made a post about a Tweet Diane Abbott made in bad taste around the News International saga

Then on Armistice Day her staff apparently tweeted the latest polling figures during the two minutes silence.  

Now she's had another tweet that's offended:

Comments like this are intentionally divisive, it is remarkable that anyone in public office can make such a sweeping generalisation about people based on the colour of their skin.  Imagine this was a Conservative minister who made a sweeping generalisation about a minority.  They would be off the front bench before anyone had a chance to press the Retweet button!  

I'm sure she has done a lot in the fight against racism, however it's a two way street.  There is never an excuse for racism of any kind against any group and unfortunately Ms Abbott has form on this issue.

I really don't see how she can stay in this position, however I'd be surprised if she leaves her post, I don't think she feels she'll have done anything wrong so wont resign and I don't think Ed will have the guts to fire her.

Her first attempt at an erm, apology?

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