Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Dr Fox adding more damage to the image of politicians...

Two things that are puzzling me about the Liam Fox/Adam Werritty debacle:

  1. Why is the media so interested in whether or not Dr Fox gained financially from the arrangement.  Surely the key thing about the situation is that Adam Werritty obviously did.
  2. How is he entitled to £17,000 severance pay??? At the end of the day he wasn't sacked, he wasn't made redundant, he resigned!  I know if I resigned my employer wouldn't be looking to give me a payoff - especially if I'd resigned because I'd broken the code of work practices or damaged the image of my company, which he has done both (for company read Conservatives, the Government, MPs in general - as it's helped cement the idea that they are all in it together).  Is he also not still an MP with the rather healthy salary that this provides?
This has helped confirm in the public's perception that MPs are just out for what they and their mates can get, by repaying this to the exchequer Dr Fox may go a small way to bridging this opinion, however I doubt it.  

I noticed in the Metro this morning there was a small article about 'Skiving MPs' having an extra break.  I felt compelled to write in defending them (which is hard to do when some act like Dr Fox or stupidly like Oliver Letwin - I completely agree with Spidey on this).  I was going to write a blog post about it, but George Potter beat me to the punch having previously seen it in the Evening Standard.

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