Thursday, 14 July 2011

A quick look behind the burglary figures

Like many I assume I noticed today's huge jump in burglary figures (up 14%) and I was a little alarmed.  I like to think I don't jump to conclusions but the immediate factors sprung to mind, the recession, people struggling to get by and as a result getting more desperate.  

Is this the reason though?  Thankfully no - as pointed out by another excellent blog by Mark Easton.  The reason for the large jump is an abnormally low figure for the previous year.  The current figure is actually pretty much in the same sort of region as the prior 4 years - although admittedly slightly higher.  

The good news is crime is still a lot lower than the early '90s and these figures are by no means a reason to panic as all crime recorded by the police (including burglaries) is down.

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