Tuesday, 28 June 2011

2015 Cricket World Cup to have 14 teams.

Good news for Irish (and Scottish, Dutch, Kenyan, Afghan, Canadian etc) cricket fans, the ICC have announced a reversal of plans to reduce the 2015 World Cup to 10 teams, instead there will be 14 teams taking part.  I have blogged previously (here) on this issue and it is a great victory for common sense.  If the governing body are serious about their wish to encourage smaller nations then they must give them the chance to perform at the highest level, this is still be biggest international tournament and they must be able to aspire to reach it.

It has taken some time coming, but at least the right decision has been made.  One way football does provide a positive message is the fact that any country in the world can qualify for (and win) it's premium international tournament - even if it is hard for the worst teams to reach it.  Teams will only improve with this incentive and the competition against the better teams.  Cricket is often thought of as a game for the elite, I'm pleased that they have withdrawn a step that would have made them even less inclusive.

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