Thursday, 24 February 2011

Ramblings on the anti-Clegg media...

It's been a few days since my last post which I think is due to the fact I'm busy at work, but at the same time I think it also has a lot to do with there not being a lot about the Lib Dems in the news, particularly there hasn't really been anything bad.  The main recent news has obviously been about the demonstrations in Libya/Bahrain/Yemen following on from Egypt and Tunisia, obviously these are total disasters and I hope that the international community collects together to stop the suffering of these people from the hands of their rulers.  I don't feel I can add a lot on this subject however, most of the things I've read are a lot more knowledgeable on the history of these countries and the plight of their people.

So I was beginning to wonder if I would find anything to blog about this week, then I read the Metro on my way home.  The party at the moment are doing well, not making any mistakes and having a real positive impact on the country.  Yet the media can't be happy with this, it doesn't fit with their anit-Clegg theme.  So obviously there is a complete none story about Clegg 'forgetting he was in charge of the country'.  Of course as DPM he does hold the reigns whilst DC is off selling arms to the dictators still in charge in their countries.  However in this modern day of instant communication I doubt anything of any remote significance could crop up without David knowing and having the final input on.  As Nick rightly said 'people forget that there is email and BlackBerry'.  I know in my office when any divisional manager isn't around someone else doesn't suddenly start running the team, everyone knows their job and the manager is contactable should anything important arise.  

However this story just allowed them to continue the anti-Lib Dem/Nick Clegg rhetoric that has become so common over recent months, the worst part of the article is that it doesn't mention a single positive thing the Lib Dems have done yet brings up the tuition fees saga and the complete non-story of Nick closing his ministerial box at 3pm.  This story has been rebuked easily just by simple facts (that he doesn't stop working at 3, urgent things are still passed to him, it is actually common practice) yet the media are obviously trying to tarnish him with a work shy image.

I have to admit there was a time last year that I felt he was performing poorly.  Communication with the public was bad (and still isn't great) and he is presenting a front which is too united with the Tories.  But I have seen in the past few months policies which anyone who has followed him know are close to his heart getting made into legislation.  He is passionate about the things he believes in and those things are normally spot on and he also appears to be the hardest working politician around.  He shouldn't have had much at all to do with the recent mental health legislation however his passion for it lead to him being right there at the front, unfortunately I think he could cure cancer and the media wouldn't give him credit.

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