Saturday, 18 September 2010

Denial, Denial, Denial... we want POWER!

There's one main reason that I really dislike the Labour Party at the moment, and that surprisingly isn't the state that they left the country in.  They were caught unaware by the downturn in the economic conditions in which we operate and it could happen to any Government (in fact it has happened to most), and Labour will always spend more than they have, it goes with what their principles are.  I think they acted correctly in the downturn, however the Government's finances shouldn't have been in the position they were in as the recession hit.  Gordon Brown started as Chancellor with a message of 'prudence', this seemed to go out of the window early in this decade, leaving the resulting financial mess possible. No the main thing that annoys me about them, the main reason I can't see myself ever voting for them again comes down to one word: Power.

Everything I have read about them since the election it seems like all that they are interest in.  There was no humility in their defeat in the general election, they scrambled around trying to stay in power as if that was their right.  I would have had much more respect for them if they had turned around and said, the country has voted for a change, we wish them the new Government the best of luck and will do our best to be constructive opposition, as part of a different kind of politics.  

The road they have gone down instead is to be the most disruptive opposition possible just because they can, in the general election they admitted that difficult decisions and cuts would have to be made; now, because they are not the ones who have to make them they are opposing every suggestion that has been put forward without making any themselves.  Harriet Harman was basically telling Unions to strike against the planned cuts when speaking to the TUC, obviously not mentioning the things Labour would have been forced to do.  One of the Labour leadership candidates, Andy Burnham, even answered a question by stating that he would fight all coalition cuts on the NHS - the coalition are cutting the NHS by far less than Labour themselves said that they would in their manifesto.  They are hypocrites and I see them working against the public interest rather than constructively for it.  

There was a good blog on the Independent's website yesterday by John Hemming (Lib Dem MP), I couldn't agree more with it. 

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